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Top 3 Places to Treat Yourself in Mandurah
Top 3 Places to Treat Yourself in Mandurah

Dawn Patrol Mandurah Café
Woffee. Nope that’s not a typo, it’s an item on Dawn Patrol Mandurah (DPM) café’s menu. To make it, they use store-bought waffle cones, melt Cadbury dairy milk chocolate inside and freeze. Once the chocolate in the cone has set, coffee is poured inside. Delicious! This isn’t the first food trend they’ve tried out either. Last year, an item called ‘the mega donut’ was on the menu, which was a mammoth creation made up of ten layers of thick donuts filled with cream and Nutella. DPM is said to have some of the best coffee in town, but we’ll let you guys be the judge of that! To find this funky hole-in-the-wall café, just head down to the Mandurah estuary.

3 Hearts Ceramics & Café
Embrace your creative side at 3 Hearts in Mandurah, a two-in-one store that combines ceramics with coffee and cake by the Mandurah Marina. This café is unique in that it invites you to create designs onto ceramic pieces, while enjoying a perfectly brewed coffee with decadent sweets. Not to make anyone feel left out, there’s also a great range of raw, gluten-free and vegan friendly treats to munch on.

Decadent C’s
If you feel like a sweet treat and want to support a family business at the same time, you can’t go past Decadent C’s. The café is run by chocolatier and patisserie Jenny Todd with her husband Neil. Behind the scenes, daughter Natarlie creates custom cakes and Jenny's sister Estelle takes care of the savoury side. Everything that you’ll find on the menu is created onsite, from the highest quality produce.